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inForm Architecture Student Playhouse Design Competition

Updated: May 1, 2020

Students tired of being all cooped up from the Stay at Home Orders? Time to get some creative juices flowing from our K-12 students along the Wasatch Back. inForm Architecture is hosting a design competition to see who can dream up the best playhouse. Especially with many spring break plans having been changed to stay at home - this could be the perfect way to turn boredom into productive, creative activity.

So here's the skinny - How cool of a playhouse can you dream up? The sky is the limit...except when it comes to size (It has a maximum size of 10'x10'x10'.)

It should be something fun and inspire active play and/or learning. It can be for the young or just the young at heart! Designs should have a theme or design concept.

Design by hand, computer model, physical model, or all of the above.

You could win prizes up to $150. Prizes will be awarded as cash and gift certificates to participating local businesses. Prizes awarded to the Grand Prize winner and for each of the following student age categories:

  • High School (Grades 9-12)

  • Middle School (Grades 6-8)

  • Elementary (Grades K-5)

Designs have to be submitted by April 30, 2020

Winners will be announced in May.

Competition not sponsored by any school district.

Student Resources

  • inForm Architecture will host an online design help meeting, on April 7th at 11:00 MST, discussing the design process and providing an introduction to SketchUp Online, a free web-based computer modeling software. This will be recorded and posted later for viewing.

  • Other similar contests have been held before with SketchUp, HOUZZ and other groups. You can search for them to get inspiration and to get the creative energy started. Of course, you just can't copy any of the designs - you have to come up with your own. Some of these designs can be found at:







  • Entries can be made by an individual student or group of students.

  • Participants must be student(s) living in Wasatch or Summit County.

  • Only one entry per student.

  • All design and work has to be an original design by the student(s). You can look to examples for inspiration but you can't copy another's work!

Design requirements

  • Maximum size is 10'x10'x10'

Submission requirements

  • All entries must be submitted digitally. Email entries with "Playhouse Competition" in the subject line to If possible, include all parts of submission in one email or clearly indicate otherwise.

  • Entries MUST include the following:

  1. Entry form completed with the names and grades of participating student(s) and each student's signature. In cases of student groups, entries will be reviewed in the category of the oldest student.

  2. A brief description of the design theme and concept (Max 250 words)

  3. Images/drawings showing all sides of the playhouse (perspectives or elevation views)

  4. Plans or images showing the floor space

  5. Must show the overall dimensions in all directions (LxWxH).

  • Entries MAY include the following (in addition to the above): BONUS POINTS LIKELY :)

  1. Computer 3D model (using SketchUp or similar program). Program file not required but evidence of such in the entry.

  2. Scaled physical model of the design. Built a smaller version of your design using whatever materials you have around your house and submit pictures!

  3. Animation showing the design (maximum 30 seconds)

Judging Criteria

  • Entries will evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Overall Quality of the presentation

  2. Strength of the theme/concept with the design

  3. Creative value of the design

  • Entries will be narrowed down to finalists by inForm Architecture. Finalists will be sent to professional network associates of inForm Architecture for voting for the winners.

Permission to Share Entries

  • By submitting entries the student(s) are granting permission to inForm Architecture to share/post any of the items submitted with the entry (other than contact information) for the means of celebrating and promoting the results of the competition. Credit will be given to the student(s) whenever shared.




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