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Vote for the Student Playhouse Design Grand Prize Winner!

Category-winning designs announced and voting opened for Grand Prize Winner.

inForm Architecture's student playhouse design competition saw many great entries. K-12 Students were invited to create designs for their dream playhouse with a maximum size of 10'x10'x10'. Students explored their creativity and learned to use 3D computer modeling design software.

See the finalist's designs below and then check out inForm Architecture's facebook page to place your vote!

Voting ends on May 31, 2020.

Middle School Category Winner

Emmy Kepsel, Grade 8

Student Description:

The theme is a medieval castle! The table and chairs are wood as well as the counter in the corner.

The stairs are logs. The floor is rubber mat, but the tower floor is artificial grass (for a softer landing at the bottom of the fire pole!).

This design allows for rambunctious play, but also quiet creativity.

High School Category Winner

Will Fleming, Grade 9

Student Description:

The theme of the design is energetic and the concept of the playhouse was to be a small living space for sleeping and enjoying free time.

Vote now by going to our Facebook page.

Thank you for all who entered!

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